What I Read: February

February was quick, unbelievably mild (so thankful for that) and work has been a nightmare. It feels like Lent started a month ago. It has been miserable. Except, now it is real Lent and I am going to make the best of it (more reading, less Netflix/Youtube. Less junk food. More fasting. Fewer true crime podcasts, more Catholic ones. Also, more gym, the work month from hell as destroyed my gym habits).

So, what DID I read in February? I know you can’t wait to find out.
My goals were:
How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler
Hostile Witnesses by Gary Michuta
Quiet by Susan Cain
For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

Books I finished:

Hostile Witness (finished Feb 5, 2017): Loved this book. Would recommend. It was very similar to Bearing False Witness which I read last month. I enjoyed learning about how historical figures hell-bent on destroying the Church, ended up accidentally pointing to the Church’s Truth. It included chapters on everyone from King Herod the Great and Pliny the Younger, to the Qu’ran, to King Ferdinand of Aragon, Voltaire, Martin Luther, John Calvin and even the Nazi party. It covered a lot of ground.

20 Answers: Mormonism by Trent Horn (finished Feb 22, 2017): So this book wasn’t on my pre-planned list. I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Catholic Answers booklets forever and they were having a half price sale on ALL of them so I picked up the Kindle editions because their shipping cost to Canada is outrageous. This book was great. It answered a lot of information about Mormonism and taught me some things about the LDS church I didn’t know. I’m endlessly fascinated by the LDS church so learning new things was fun.

The Moment is Now by Lisa Marie Hunt: oof. This book was so good. I found it on my Kindle App (don’t even remember when I bought it) but it was exactly the book I needed this month. It was written by a 30-something single Catholic woman to other late 20s single Catholic women. It had great practical tips on how to stop putting off living for later when you are settled in your vocation, and start living and thriving in your spiritual life now. So good. I wish I had hard copy to lend to people.

20 Answers: Mary by Tim Staples: I love when Tim Staples talks about Mary. As a former Assemblies of God pastor, he still sounds SO excited to be Catholic even after 30 years and his love of the Church is palpable. When he talks about Mary though, it is beautiful. As someone who has never had a particular Marian devotion (or even a real desire to have one, but I’m working on it), it is so great to see how Mariology is woven into the bible. I am particularly obsessed with the Ark of the Covenant/Mary parallels. I bought Tim’s other book, Behold Your Mother, for my mum a few years ago and eventually, I want to read that too.

Books I didn’t Finish:
Pretty much all of them. I only finished one of the books I had on my goal list for February. Hopefully, I can catch up during Lent!


3 thoughts on “What I Read: February

  1. It *is* easy to “live for later”! Some parts of adulting will catch up with you whether you’re ready or not, but other things are easy to delay. Some delays are practical: owning a house or having shared custody of a child from a previous relationship shrinks your pool of potential spouses in terms of geography. Some are customary:good knives are expensive; there’s a reason they are common wedding gifts. But not everything needs to wait for a day that might never come.

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    1. Exactly. I was reading this book and she made so much sense, how much of my life was I still living like I was in still in university? Why am I not living like an adult and making plans and goals instead of waiting for something that might NEVER come.


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