Goals for 2017 — Recap the First

See this post for reference: Goals for 2017


My financial goals are a little wobbly. I did make all the spreadsheets and I’m trying to do everything by debit so I can easily track things on my computer. I’m not entirely hitting my targets (I’ve already dipped into my overdraft), but it’ll get better. The first month after Christmas is rough for me and this was especially bad because I’ve been wickedly sick since I got home from holidays. But, I’m focused with achievable goals so, it. is. on.


See above, but because I was sick my food and fitness goals are behind. I’m forgoing Keto for a while to do a month (or 2, or more) of the autoimmune paleo protocol. I have a lot of weird health things and I don’t have a doctor (yay Canada) so I’m trying to see if this will help sort it out. I also got new Fitbit bands so, once the city de-ices a bit, I can get my steps on.


This one I’ve actually been really consistent on. I’ve woken every day at 5 (7:30 on the weekends!) and done bible reading and prayer for about 20minutes before I turn on my computer. It’s been lovely. I did drop the rosary though (it’s just REALLY not my devotion) and I’m not as good with evening prayers (normally just offering a quick “thanks for the day Lord!”) but this week was exhausting (see illness recovery) so I was going to be so early. In fact, I’m behind on my reading goals because I’ve been going to bed an hour early instead of reading for an hour.


Next week, (or 2 weeks) I’ll have some AIP Paleo under my belt and we will see how that update is! Hopefully, not so sick anymore!


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