13 Billion Reasons Why Not

I live in a province where 18% of the population have below average literacy rates.

I live in a province with an unemployment rate of 11%

I live in a province where 50,000 people (including myself) do not have a family doctor.

I live in a province where the waitlist for medical treatments (including cancer treatments) averages from 45 days to 210 days.

I live in a province of 751,000 (as of 2011) and the average age is 43. A province where there are more deaths than births which is leading to a “population time bomb“.

My province is the “fastest shrinking province”, and heading towards a 13.4 billion dollar deficit by March of 2017 .

So, of course, this is the time that the abortion advocates in our province have decided to focus on suing the province to expand medicare coverage of abortions. They claim that the current legislation, which allows for medicare covered abortions in 3 provincials hospitals but not in private clinics (which is what they want), violates a woman’s human rights because they are unable to receive “equitable access to primary healthcare”. (The main article I’m referencing can be viewed here on the Telegraph-Journal website, however, the article is behind a paywall). “Primary healthcare” of course is a euphemism for a woman’s ability to have a doctor decapitate, dismember and disembowel her pre-born child for any reason whatsoever. In another article, abortion is cited as the “ultimate act of strength” for women.

I’m going to ignore the economic factors, because honestly, it should be obvious that New Brunswick can not afford this move. I’m going to focus instead on the idea that women need abortion to be free, or strong, or empowered.

The war on women is not due to a lack of abortion access. The war on women happens every time a woman feels pressure (whether implicit or explicit) from a partner, a family member, a job or from school stress that makes her think abortion is her only option.

Women need to be told they are strong enough, smart enough, and will be supported enough to have a child and pursue their goals. They need to be told they are worthy of love and support even in the face of an unplanned pregnancy. Women need to be offered emotional support, encouragement, and if needed, assistance in the practical aspects of raising a child.


It is important to remember that abortion does not simply affect the life of the women, it also ends the life of growing human being. All the euphemisms cannot change the fact that the human fetus is a member of a human family and in a society where rational scientific thought is encouraged, allowing abortion denies this scientific fact.

Science tells us that from the moment of conception, there is a brand new human being formed. We know that in that instance of conception, the DNA that will determine everything about that human being exists. In fact, by the end of the first trimester (12 weeks), the growing fetus is fully formed and just needs room to grow.  A human fetus is a human being, and as a member of the human family deserves the same right to life we all benefit from. That growing human being deserves the same protection from dismemberment that all born human beings do. If you do not support human rights for all members of the human family, you do not believe in human rights.

To finish, I’m going to leave you with some words of wisdom from the pro-life, Martin Luther King jr.



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