Not Alone Series (v.4): Love Songs

I am not really a sentimental person. Like, right now  at work we are currently preparing for a demolition of our old office building because we had a fire. People are getting really emotional about it and I just keep reminding people that it was cold and drafty with obnoxiously steep stairs and I’m mostly just sad the fire didn’t torch the whole thing. So, when this topic on “Love Songs” came up, I thought it would be easy, because I like music. But then I remembered I don’t like sappy feelings.

Basically I’m saying that my (probably) unhealthy habit of distancing myself from sappy feelings made this link up topic surprisingly difficult.

If God is love, then every love song is a song about God. What are your favorite love songs? They can be about romantic relationships, family relationships, or the love of God. What is your favorite hymn or Christian pop song about love? What secular love songs are your favorite? Have you ever heard a song that didn’t seem like it was about love on the surface, but after further listens, you heard the truth? If you’re married, what was your first dance song? —Not Alone Series topic

My favourite hymn/Christian pop song about Love:
New Every Morning — Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad is pretty much the only Christian music I listen to and this choice is pretty self explanatory. God loves us enough that He makes all things new. Even us. Every day we have a new start. Every day is a chance to be a saint. Most importantly, every day is a chance to go to confession and receive His grace and mercy first hand. What else could he do to demonstrate His Love?

Also, honourable mentions here and here.

What secular love song is your favourite:
…none of them? I just skimmed through my entire iTunes library and the only one I found that fit the bill is the I’ll Cover You (reprise) from Rent (movie in this case).

The only love songs on my iTunes are either Backstreet Boys or musicals, and I’m not ashamed. And yes, I realize that there are a lot of themes in Rent that can be considered problematic to a Catholic, but honestly, the only way I’ll stop loving this musical is when I’m dead. Probably. And yes, in my opinion the reprise is better than the other version because Jesse L. Martin’s range is thrilling and gives me goosebumps.

My favorite “love song” that is definitely not a love song:
21 Guns — Green Day (but specifically, the version from American Idiot the Musical)

This song is about loving yourself. It is about learning to love yourself enough to cut toxic people and influences out of your life. It’s about learning when to say enough is enough and get out of a toxic relationship. Sometimes, to love yourself you need to stop fighting for things that are tearing you apart.

My favorite song about family love:
Mama – Spice Girls

I feel like this is the most insanely cliched choice, but I don’t even care. Mums are the best.

Honourable mention family love song:
Why Stay – A Promise — Next to Normal cast recording

This song is about what happens when love gets hard. Like, when your wife is diagnosed as a manic-depressive with delusional episodes hard. (If you like musicals but aren’t familiar with Next to Normal, you really should be. It is probably more depressing than Les Miserables, but it is so good and darkly funny which is my favourite).


2 thoughts on “Not Alone Series (v.4): Love Songs

  1. Aww, I’m sorry you struggled with this topic! I’m glad you posted anyway, though. It does a disservice when we try to pretend that life is perfect and blogging is filled with sunshine all the time.

    I really like Audrey Assad, too; “Even Unto Death” is so lovely. Oh, I forgot about the Spice Girls! Maybe there are more family love songs than I realized. And I have my own problematic entertainment choices. I’m over a dozen seasons in on “Grey’s Anatomy,” which they might as well rename “Sexy Hospital.”


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